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Authorintro provides a voice, an advertising tool and a form of media for authors to showcase your work or to keep in touch with followers by posting updates. Authors can create a great looking free page and add what makes them write, their experiences and your favourite quotes. Personal users can opt to follow authors and receive updates on your feeds pages. With millions of books and writers harnessing the web these free pages are a MUST for authors. Special features include: add useful icons ie: 'I ghost write,' 'Agents contact me'. Or choose icons of your writing genre ie: "I write romance." Also Authorintro provides authors with visitor numbers so you can assess your marketing and popularity. Update your page when ever you like. Update your followers when ever you like. Authorintro adds pages in the authorintro search engine, making it easy for readers to find the author they want. Pages are allso submitted to major search engines, promoting your details around the globe.

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Author pages are submitted free to major search engines, author pages are submitted to the authorinto search. Double the exposure FREE. Add hundreds of words of oringinal content and be listed in hundreds of search engines.

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Find the authors you like, quick register. Press:'follow' on the authors pages you choose to follow. Receive their updates and special offers on your feeds page.You may also 'love' authors' pages and leave comments.


  • Create your great looking free page,
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  • Choose handy icons to assist your exposure
  • 'Agents Contact Me' or I 'Ghost Write'

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