Edward G. Price

Thailand (Or Bristol, UK)

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Run young lion with the wind, course past palm and through desert pass, Use your wits, when danger cometh, hew the night’s air to reach tallest grass,

About my works...

The Zambezi Allies, is a novel for all ages. The story follows Jasiri the young lion who's pride disappears. He and his mother are alone. She fears the worst. She also fears for their future. Her fears are not unfounded. Cackles of hyenas prowl the night. Worse, Marauding males have been sighted by whispering jackals. A troop of olive baboons have been murdered. In the night Jasiri is woken. His mother pleads with him to run from "IT" . “IT’ with a chin white gliding over parting tips, his eyes silver, looming at the centre, his outline jagged, savage and large like a grotesque spectre, hell born and bred. "IT" and Jasiri's mother wrestle like snakes and disappear while Jasiri tumbles. Her last request, "Reach the Great Tree of Firelies" rings in his ears.

Why I write and my experience...

I love the creativity of describing nature and imparting emotions to the reader. The Zambezi Allies has been a great challenge inspired from many sources. Exciting animal scenes of The Jungle Book. Infamous villains from Treasure Island. While great authors such as Emma Burns, Jack Grimwood and William Faulkner have inspired my writing.

The Zambezi Allies

Monde intersecting the great Zambezi River was a peaceful sanctuary. Until... A mother, lioness is lost. The infamous 'IT' hunts Jasiri, her son over desert and mountain pass. A long face hidden by shadow. A mane of black and a mouth open like a hideous empty, cave. Decipherable only by four pointed canines, sharp and evil stained: the indomitable "IT" Jackals whisper of felines emerging from shadow lands. Largest, ever to pad the African savannah. Brave giraffes, hippos and baboons forge new ties to try to defeat the dark shadow holding sway over the lands. Each animal brings talents to the struggle. From the margins of an invisible victory springs hope.