Dane Cobain

High Wycombe, United Kingdom

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"Find what you love and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski

About my works...

Dane Cobain (High Wycombe, UK) is a published author, freelance writer, poet and (occasional) musician with a passion for language and learning. When he's not working on his next release, he can be found reading and reviewing books for his award-winning book blog, SocialBookshelves.com, while trying not to be distracted by Wikipedia. His releases include No Rest for the Wicked(supernatural thriller), Eyes Like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home (poetry) Former.ly (literary fiction), Social Paranoia (non-fiction), Come On Up to the House (horror) and Subject Verb Object (anthology).

Why I write and my experience...

Cobain's love of words grew from an early age, whether he was rewriting the lyrics to pop songs or teaching his elder siblings - maths and computer science students at university - how to execute commands in MS-DOS, all before he hit double digits. He started writing at fourteen, and progressed from lyrics and music to journals, short stories and poetry before writing the first draft of an early novel whilst in lectures. He studied creative writing at London's Roehampton University, earning a 2:1 bachelor's degree before starting a career as a social media marketer. It was this career in marketing, combined with his love for reading and writing, which led to the creation of SocialBookshelves.com, his book blog, which was recently ranked fifth in a list of the top literature blogs in the UK by Vuelio, and 37th in FeedSpot's list of the 100 top book blogs on the planet. Through SocialBookshelves.com, he met Jesse James Freeman, the former VP of Community Management at Booktrope Publishing. Cobain's debut novella, a supernatural thriller called No Rest for the Wicked, was released by Booktrope's Forsaken imprint on June 11th 2015. His second release, a collection of poetry called Eyes Like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home, was released by Booktrope Editions in March 2016. Cobain performs his poetry at stand up nights, slams and open mic nights, and has memorised all of the 101 poems in the book. He can also recite the first chapter of No Rest for the Wicked from memory. Cobain's third book, a literary fiction novel called Former.ly, was released on June 11th 2016. It follows the story of the rise and fall of a social networking site for the dead. Users sign up to the site, create a profile that they populate with updates that only they can see, and then when they die, their profile goes live to the public. But there's something sinister about the site - something that people are willing to kill for. Former.ly was followed by a non-fiction book called Social Paranoia: How Consumers and Brands Can Stay Safe in a Connected World, which was released in August 2016. The year was rounded off with Come On Up to the House, a horror novella and screenplay, in November. In 2017, Cobain quit his marketing job to focus on full-time self-employment as an author and freelance writer. He also released Subject Verb Object: An Anthology of New Writing, which features 18 pieces from different authors and which was collected by Cobain and edited by Dane Cobain and Pam Elise Harris.